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Today is International Women’s Day, a day to mark womens plights and achievements throughout history and the world. We asked Joanne Ryder a few questions (Yes the surname is familiar Joanne is married to Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder). Manchester has a legacy of strong women and like most women Joanne juggles lots of roles including Business Manager, Personal Manager to  Shaun, Wife and not least Mother to three children.

  1. How did you find yourself managing Shaun? What kind of projects do you mainly work on?

I sort of grew into the role after years of observing the game, we work as a team which works well, we discuss all projects which come our way from music, TV etc.

  1. The music industry has a reputation of being a bit of a boys club. Do you think there are any drawbacks or positives to being a woman doing the job you do?

I enjoy my work and see it as a positive environment, it works well for me.

  1. There has been quite a lot of press recently about there being many more Male than female headliners at the festivals. They are addressing this, do you think the decision should be about talent over gender or that women should be equally headlining?

I think the attitudes towards opportunities for women today are better than ever before, if we want it enough I’m sure we can reach exactly what we want.

  1. Managing your husband and having two young children and a teenager ,how do you make the distinction between work and family time. Do you some times go on the road with Shaun?

To be honest it all fits in quite nicely, I cannot see any other job to balance as well, I nip out occasionally to watch a few shows which I enjoy.

  1. What was your dream job as a girl growing up?

I was too busy being a kid to think about what I wanted to be when I grew up!

  1. What do you do in spare Joanne time, any crazy hobbies?

My pleasure is to go and climb a mountain, I try to hit the hills as often as possible, nature is my balancer.

  1. As a mother and role model to your children do they show any interest in following in yours or Shauns path?

They already have followed our path, the eldest son is working in the game already, time will tell with the other two!

  1. Do you have an example of a worst business scenario and how you managed to resolve it?

They have cropped up and to have a cool clear vision of the outcome seems to always rep the best results.

  1. If you could put together the ultimate girls band to manage who would you want as the members?

This is a fun question, I think I’d have to set up auditions and choose there!

  1. If you could give any advice to women wanting to break into the music industry what would it be?

Eat, sleep and breathe the music industry and you will get what you want.

  1. Any advice you would give to your young self?

Live today the best you can because that is all we ever have!


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